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Dance Prime is the brand new model created by Risport and is the answer to the needs of all high-level athletes, guaranteeing them the best performance. 

Made with light materials and with a high technological content (microfiber) that make it the lightest skate on the market today, it proudly reflects the aesthetic lines of the Dance model that has plowed through the winning podiums of the World and Olympics. 

The Dance Prime model introduces two important innovations in the skating landscape, both aimed at ensuring maximum performance: a special processing process (crystallization) that guarantees the stability of the materials and durability over time a special EVA insert that gives the tongue extreme flexibility and elasticity and maximum rebound 

The features of Risport professional products are implemented: the exceptional lining that guarantees maximum stability and maximum control of the skate, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the Aloe treatment leather sole with a special angled processing that allows skaters to reach very high lateral inclinations. Leather has the ability to stop the transmission of vibrations to the foot and at the same time ensure perfect control maximum comfort and performance thanks to the innovative rear profile designed specifically to meet the needs of dance allowing maximum extension of the ankle and better comfort 

The special lacing system, made with reinforced eyelets, holes and hooks, allows a multi-adjustable lacing in the different points of the foot and ankle maximum support thanks to lateral reinforcements (65) 

Woman: White color, available in widths C and in sizes 230-280 Man: Black color, available in widths C and in sizes 230-30