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Ice skating blades Professional serie

misura in pollici


Blades for figure skating of high competition modality Dance.

Manufactured in premium aluminum alloy and extraordinary “Ergal” hardness and steel series
420 C, polished to the maximum to look like chrome.
The aluminum base is curved to fit the base of the boot, the anchor holes are designed to center the blade under the boot before finally fixing its position.
The design of the sides of the blade allows its placement on any existing sharpening machine without any special adapter in addition to providing an excellent brightness and sparkle thanks to its prismatic design giving a mirror and chrome effect. The blade embedded inside the aluminum base has a width of 4 millimeters. The extraordinary hardness of 420 C steel makes it necessary to sharpen the blade less frequently than any other.

The curvature of the blade has three spokes.
The area of ​​the mountain range in the pit area is designed for the practice of figure skating and has the teeth of the saw crossed in several directions and undersized in order to adhere to the ice as efficiently as possible according to the requirements of the modality
The tail of the blade is undersized to the exact extent for the practice of the Dance modality.

Sizes per quarter inch from 8/0/0 to 11/0/0.