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Custom skates for women for recreation and aerobics, outdoor and indoor.

The STD Skates line of skates is made for sporty skaters who want a high quality skate with loads of style!. The beautiful suede boots are handmade.

The soft nobuck boot, along with a padded lining will keep your feet comfortable for long skating rides!

Most of the skates are offered in black for boys and white for girls, but STD Skates turns things around by releasing a beautifully designed line of skates for women who want to look good while rolling!

Available in countless different colors, the STD Elyo Nobuck skates are the most "Kool" skates in skating!

The STD Elyo Nobuck are built with a high durability and lower weight STD Elyo skate base, and have high rebound wheels for the outdoors STD Ghost 78A, with STD ABEC-5 bearings. You will love how smooth these wheels roll! Designed for outdoor skating, the soft urethane will easily get you through small cracks and potholes on the street and sidewalk so you can enjoy your ride!

Don't settle for skates with cheap athletic shoes and hard plastic wheels, STD roller skates are built to last under the rigors of real skating, and are totally maintainable!

High boots model in nobuck leather with quilted lining and leather sole.

Skate base STD Elyo height adjustable brake.

It comes with STD Ghost wheels for the outdoors and the STD Fast 63x31 wheels can be attached.

STD ABEC 5 bearings.

Sizes 36-43 medium width.

Delivery time 4-6 weeks.